Services and Experience

Our extensive experience includes current and recent projects in:

  • Planning for the impacts of connected and automated vehicles
  • Preparing for the transport network and systems to support the deployment of connected and automated vehicles, with a strong focus on understanding how CAVs perceive and interact with the road environment and other users
  • Developing business cases and project plans for connected and automated vehicle initiatives
  • Developing Concepts of Operations for intelligent management of the road network
  • Planning business intelligence solutions for network operations and customer journey management
  • Network operations performance analysis – strategy, systems and implementation
  • Network operations planning, including congestion management responses
  • Light Rail operations planning
  • Traffic management control system procurement and implementation planning
  • Managed Motorways policy and project development
  • Reviewing investment program approaches for network operations
  • Business case development for ITS asset initiatives

With over 100 projects completed, we remain actively engaged in each of these areas.  We are happy to put together a list of specific project references that highlight experience relevant to your needs.  Please get in touch if you are interested in this.