Transoptim Consulting

About Transoptim

Transoptim is a specialist consulting firm in intelligent transport.  The company was founded by Andrew Somers to work closely with clients to help them plan for future mobility as well as to deliver real outcomes for customers through smart use of the tools already available.

Services and Experience

Transoptim has delivered results for private clients as well as public-sector clients, both in Australia and internationally.  We are proud to have helped clients both prepare for a future mobility enabled by transformative technology and business models as well as to intelligently use proven technology to deliver real transport outcomes now for customers’ journeys and the community.

Specialist Team

Transoptim prides itself on working with the best people within our industry, drawing upon their strengths to provide the best possible team to meet a client’s needs.  The right team depends on the specific needs of the project, so please contact us if you are interested in further details.