International Trends in ITS

Transoptim is assisting Main Roads WA to develop an ITS Master Plan.  One part of the work to develop this plan has been to prepare a synthesis report of the most significant disruptive international trends in ITS, in particular as they relate to road authorities.  The six trends discussed in that technical report are:

  • The changing role of road authorities,
  • Intelligent infrastructure,
  • Smarter vehicles,
  • The growth of Big Data,
  • Increased private sector services to road users, particularly in traveller information, and
  • The rise of flexible, multi-purpose technology platforms with frequent software updates.

Engagement on the draft ITS Master Plan is commencing and Main Roads WA will be undertaking industry consultation over the coming months.  Please take that opportunity to provide your input, including whether you think there are more significant international trends than those identified above that will drive ITS in the coming years.

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