Transoptim’s name reflects our mission: to help clients to optimise each journey for every customer.

Transoptim is a consulting firm specialising in making intelligent use of technology to improve transport.  We are leaders in our field in helping clients to prepare for the technology and business model developments that will transform transport as well as in how to use proven technologies now to maximise benefit realisation.

The company was founded by Andrew Somers to be a boutique consultancy as this allows our focus to be solely on helping you to achieve your objectives and to work with you in the way that best achieves that.

Andrew Somers

Andrew Somers is a specialist consultant in network operations and ITS and is the Director of Transoptim.  For more details on Andrew’s experience please view our Services and Experience.

Our Network of Specialist Consultants

Transoptim prides itself on working with the best people within our industry, drawing upon their strengths to provide the best possible team to meet a client’s needs.  The right team depends on the specific needs of the project, so please contact us if you are interested in further details.